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Stronger Together - Asociación de extranjeros

Categoría : Association or organization

  • Dirección : C. Lepanto, 33, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34606997094
  • Página web :
  • Stronger Together - Asociación de extranjeros de guardia : no rellenado
  • Stronger Together - Asociación de extranjeros abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Stronger Together - Asociación de extranjeros :

- The team are excellent. All of them are very helpful and can answer and sort out virtually any problem you have. They have arranged and processed for me residential paperwork, TIE, medical coverage and the lovely Phil and the team have come with me to the doctors/ hospital appointments to translate and arrange further visits. I would highly recommend Stronger Together to navigate you through all your red tape/legal paperwork and general understanding of the Spanish system. They cover a number of languages between the the team. So it's not just the UK or English speaking clients they have. Thank you Stronger Together.

- Absolutely wonderful organisation. So glad we joined. We had a problem with our water bill, and after speaking with Alison she arranged for Philip meet us at there. He was brilliant. It's now all sorted thanks to Stronger Together. I'm sure the rest of the group are just as helpful, but not met them personally yet. We also email the office if we need any advice, and someone will get back to us with a solution. I would and do recommend joining the group.

- A massive thank you to the Stronger Together team. We called in this morning to discuss the procedure to enable us to join the Spanish Health care system. The Stronger Together team dealt with us in a very professional and satisfactory manner. This experience left us feeling very happy with the Stronger Together team. Highly recommend joining Stronger Together for non Spanish living in Fuerteventura. Thanks again Paul and Lesley.

- We joined Stronger Together from the start, and can honestly say that Membership has been a fantastic investment. These guys work sooo hard helping to guide ex-pats through the tangles of language barrier, travel, residency, driving, etc. And can help hugely when faced with tackling legal/banking/tax/medical documents in Spanish. Also they provide Spanish lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Oh, and some pretty decent discounts at really great local businesses… AND, now, some great social events, too. We are always met with a friendly smile, reassurance, understanding and empathy. Making us Stronger Together is precisely what they offer and deliver… So. What are you waiting for… !

- Happy to endorse these guys for their incredible service to ex pats here in Fuerteventura. They give great advice and have amazing dedication to making sure members of the association receive help with all aspects of the journey to residency and beyond. They're a fantastic, friendly resource with a lot of knowledge and good local connections. We greatly appreciated all the help they've given us in the last two years and have watched them go from strength to strength. They're a lovely team. Big thumbs up from us.

- Stronger Together are a group dedicated to helping others, not just expats from the UK but, all expats living and working in Fuerteventura. The Stronger Together Team keep their promises, when they make an appointment with you, they turn up. When they deal with a problem for you, they follow it through until the problem is resolved and keep you informed along the way. Emails are answered promptly and if they don’t know the answer to your question/s they will find out for you. We would not hesitated to recommend their service to anyone. Accessible face to face twice per week in Corralejo at Calle Lepanto, with Mags holding prime position vetting your request so as to get the right person for the query first time. Mags will also sort out your membership and payments, she’s a superstar. The whole atmosphere in the office is very relaxed and you are instantly put at ease, even with delicate questions. Pop in and see what they can do for you regarding topics such as: Translation services. Help to get through bureaucratic red tape – medical, social security and more. Home Help. Spanish classes. Accompanying members to hospital appointments and of course helping you get your visa and TIE for residency and driving license.

- Stronger Together are an excellent organisation that I can't thank enough for all the help they have given me and my husband. They work tirelessly for their members and are always there when you need a helping hand with anything from Spanish paperwork, interpreters, advice about numerous situations, form filling, health emergencies, the list is endless. It can become very difficult in a country when you don't speak the language, but they are there to help. In fact any situation where you need help they will do their best to provide for your needs. I would not hesitate in recommending this organisation.

- We joined stronger together in August last year when we arrived from the UK. They have been a god send, advice and help on our TIE, also registered our van to Spanish plates and got our driving licence exchanged, really took all the stress and confusion out of everything. We can’t thank them enough for their wealth of experience and their infinite patience, with all our daft questions and muppetry  ! They are a brilliant bunch of people, very friendly.

- Stronger together were a great help to pay the taxes, that I didn't have a clue about how to pay. I knew that taxes were due, and was completely willing to pay them, but I didn't know how. Additionally, they have created other social groups… Badminton, bowling, pool etc. And it's really good to talk things over with other British people. The membership is worth every penny (or Euro cent)

- Stronger Together stepped in when we were in despair because of mistakes made by a so called expert. You can rely on Stronger Together to point you in the right direction with the Spanish bureaucracy. Excellent service. Fr{9pm.

Blue Iron Ftv - ClubHouse

Categoría : Non-profit organization

  • Dirección : C. Pedro y Guy Vandaele, 25, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : No se han añadido teléfonos
  • Página web :
  • Blue Iron Ftv - ClubHouse de guardia : no rellenado
  • Blue Iron Ftv - ClubHouse abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Blue Iron Ftv - ClubHouse :

- La pu… Caña. El Club House, espectacular y la gente, lo mejor de lo mejor.

- ESPECTACULAR, Todo en general. Totalmente recomendable.

- Local espectacular  !

- Un sitio maravilloso.

- Grandes.

- Genial.

- Impresionante  !

- HIERRO azul…

Clean Ocean Project Fuerteventura Corralejo

Categoría : Association or organization

  • Dirección : C. Playa Cho León, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34928866291
  • Página web :
  • Clean Ocean Project Fuerteventura Corralejo de guardia : no rellenado
  • Clean Ocean Project Fuerteventura Corralejo abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Clean Ocean Project Fuerteventura Corralejo :

- We support Clean Ocean Project every year by cleaning the beaches supporting their local shop. They do a fantastic job.

- Me encantan, la calidad es muy buena.

- Un proyecto que empezó en la isla, ropa y todo tipo de cosas ecofriendly.

- Siempre puedes devolver un poco cuando vengas a la isla. El Proyecto Océano Limpio te lo pone fácil: camisas y suéteres muy bonitos, joyas y mucho más, producidos de manera sostenible y las ganancias se destinan al proyecto. Encuentro las redes de compras, que están disponibles en muchos colores, particularmente hermosas y prácticas. Ojo con los horarios y la tienda de Corralejo está cerrada los domingos, desconozco el horario en la sucursal de El Cotillo. Pero también puedes comprar una u otra cosa práctica y hermosa allí.

- Buena selección, servicio amable.

Asociación Cannabica Da Ciro

Categoría : Cannabis club

  • Dirección : Av. Juan Carlos I, loc. 65, n°3, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34650460163
  • Página web :
  • Asociación Cannabica Da Ciro de guardia : no rellenado
  • Asociación Cannabica Da Ciro abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Asociación Cannabica Da Ciro :

- Gran variedad. Calidad suprema por lo menos las dos variedades que adquirí. Me ayudo en mis vacaciones a fuerteventura y sobre todo a llevar mejor mi miedo a los aviones. Trato correcto y amable. Te haces socio y encima por cada 10 gramos te regalan uno. Gracias.

- Excelente servicio y producto… Encima son napolitanos, Forza Napoli y el Diego  !

- Muy buena variedad de selección. Perfecta atencion al cliente. Que mas se puede pedir  !

- Muy buen trato. Buen lugar muy tranquilo. Y ayudo mis vacasiones muchicimas gracias señor.

- Muy amables, buena calidad y mucha variedad.

- ´Buena variedad y calidad.

- Venden cannabis a un precio muy barato, me ayuda con mi esquizofrenia, me ayuda a olvidar cuando profanaron a mi perro. Aunque no me gustan que silencien a los clientes.

- Lugar acogedor, ofrece muchas variedades distintas, es solo para residentes. Me atendieron genial y muy buenas geneticas  !

- Os ánimo a visitarla gran variedad de productos y sitio tranquilo y el dueño un italiano muy buena gente.


Categoría : Association or organization

  • Dirección : Calle Fuerteventura, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34928535638
  • Página web :
  • Dunasol de guardia : no rellenado
  • Dunasol abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Dunasol :

- Magnífico lugar, calma incomparable y una loca vista directa al desierto y los volcanes, el panorama de noche te lleva por una noche con la cabeza en las estrellas.

- Lindo lugar y donde se puede disfrutar de hermosos atardeceres, lamentablemente sin embargo no entendí porque está indicado como actividad ya que no he notado estructura ni nada por el estilo, simplemente me parece un lugar natural y panorámico para disfrutar en ¡la noche  !

- Complejo muy tranquilo, piscina y senderos impecables.

- ¡Súper  !


Categoría : Association or organization

  • Dirección : C. Playa Cho León, nº 8, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34828786425
  • Página web :
  • Adivia de guardia : no rellenado
  • Adivia abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

No hay comentarios para Adivia

La Mar de Juana

Categoría : Non-profit organization

  • Dirección : Calle Bocinegro, 1, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : No se han añadido teléfonos
  • Página web :
  • La Mar de Juana de guardia : no rellenado
  • La Mar de Juana abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

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